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Services Menu:  Happy, Healthy Trees!

All tree care services adhere to the guidelines of the International Society of Arboriculture to optimize the safety, health and beauty of your trees.   Crew members are trained and adhere to OSHA standards.



Ornamental, palm, hedge and bamboo pruning. Dormant fruit tree and vine pruning offered in the fall.  Arborists utilize an aerial boom truck or modern climbing techniques for optimum results and safety. 




Skilled Arborist's equipped to safely remove trees in commercial and residential settings. Permit assistance available. 

Pest & Disease Solutions

On-site inspections to identify source of tree problems and formulate an effective management strategy.  Integrated Pest Management (IPM) solutions combine improving overall tree health with modern pest/disease control technology for optimum results and to minimize unnecessary pesticide applications. 


Fruit Tree Care

Pruning, mulching, irrigation assessment and more.  Personal pruning instruction and consultation services available for Do-It-Yourselfers. Ask about our $55 house call. 

Deep Root Fertilization, Aeration and Irrigation (DRF)

This technology introduces plant nutrients and soil conditioners in a tree’s root system for optimum results.  Trees struggling from soil compaction, drought, restricted growing areas or construction damage can benefit from DRF.


House-calls, hazardous tree evaluations, tree protection plans for County/City building compliance, permit preparation and presentations for homeowners/garden groups.  See our credentials.

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